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It is critical to pick the right tree service when having work done on your trees! Flowers and bushes are low investment and can easily be replaced if they die.  Trees are a long term high investment part of your realestate and do not recover easily from mistreatment.  So when you have tree work done always do the following: use an Arborist, check their reviews, check their website photos, and ask the county Agent.

1) Always use an Arborist to advise you and to complete work on your trees.
You can search “Trees are good,” online to find a database of local arborists in your area.  Do be aware that while Arborist have passed a written exam, this does not mean they follow the practices of an Arborist and in today’s competitive market many companies pay someone to get certified and use the Arborist certification as a marketing tool only.

2) You should look up those Arborists companies on review sites like Angie’s List.
When looking at reviews remember that a company will never meet everyone’s expectations, so if that company has nothing but positive reviews, they are likely fabricating the results. These sites will also only tell you if the company treated the customer well, not if they properly cared for the tree.

3) You should look at the company’s web site and specifically look at their photos.
Do they present a professional appearance on the web site?  Are there any pictures or videos of them operating chainsaws with one hand?  Do they protect themselves by wearing shirts, pants, boots, hardhats, safety glasses, and are they wearing chainsaw chaps when operating a chainsaw on the ground?  If they don’t have the presence of mind to protect themselves and show it on their web site, do you think they are going to really give you and your trees the care they need?

4) Finally call your county agriculture agent.
They cannot, or should not, give you just one company’s name, but they should give you a couple that are reputable.  You can take those companies and cross reference them with the information you have gathered and come up with one or two good companies to choose from.

At Petree Arbor we preserve the trees your memories are made from.  Our sales consultant has a degree in Forestry, is a Certified Arborist, and is a Certified Tree Care Safety Professional.  We take care of our employees and make sure they are safe and well trained so that you have peace of mind when we work on your trees.   We have an excellent safety record and can help you maximize the care of your trees.