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Health Insurance for Your Trees and Shrubs

Most homeowners with yards enjoy the thought of an inviting landscape they can show off and enjoy. But creating a beautiful outdoor living space takes effort and patience. “Attempting to force beauty onto trees and shrubs with bad pruning methods and over-zealous...

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Spring Planting Season: Select the Right Tree

As winter thaws into spring, many homeowners are poised to take advantage of prime tree-planting season. Establishing new trees early can aid their growth throughout the year, and help them survive when hot weather arrives. But with so many tree species to choose...

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Winter storms cause tremendous stress and severe damage to trees in the urban forest. Snapped or downed trees should be removed, but what about a tree that only suffers minor damage? How can a homeowner tell if a tree is safe enough to keep? Assessing the tree damage...

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Getting Your Christmas Tree Home Safely

Nothing says “It’s the holidays!” like tying a tree to the top of your car and driving it around town before placing it in a bucket of water in your living room for a couple of months. Ah, Christmas! Here are a few tips on selecting, securing and setting up a...

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We have a new website!

We're excited to announce we have a brand new website! We recently partnered with CaroneDesigns to create a site that better serves your needs and gives you a better look at what we do as a company. As part of the new site, we're planning to start blogging to better...

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How to pick a tree service?

It is critical to pick the right tree service when having work done on your trees! Flowers and bushes are low investment and can easily be replaced if they die.  Trees are a long term high investment part of your realestate and do not recover easily from...

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